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Mitra Roof treatment Centre

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252/B, Upen Banarjee Road, Kolkata-700060, (opp. Webel Gate), Kolkata, West bengal, 700060

Mitra Roof treatment Centre was established on 1980 in Kolkata serving for chemical waterproof treatment of R.C.C. & R.B.C. roof for prevention of water seepage and leakage. During our journey over these long years in this service, according to the market analysis reports it is observed that the existing waterproofing service are suffering from various aspects of efficiency, durability and reliability. As a result demand for a reliable roof waterproofing as well as moisture and roof leakage proofing treatment is being constantly felt. EVER-SEAL is a new generation waterproofing chemical. It is an appropriate and balanced composition of mineral based Hydro-carbon, Non-Crystalline Waxes and Polymers having very low pour points.

The main advantages of using this chemical is that it enters the problem zone e.g. hairline cracks and porous areas of the concrete / RCC. It also nullify the absorbency of the surface and improves abrasion resistance with the elimination of the growth of algae. MRTC is the only waterproofing organization in West Bengal licensed to use EVER-SEAL compound, having ISO 9001:2015 certification with IAS and IAF affiliation. This treatment holds written guarantee for Ten Years. By guarantee we mean, if any time within the guarantee period there is any complaint of seepage or leakage from any part of the roof, MRTC will carry out supplementary treatment free of cost what so ever.

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